Alien RDWC Pro Silver Series (20L)

What’s the difference between the “Black Series” and “PRO Silver Series”?

PRO Silver Series features

The patent-pending Dual-Flow™ fittings are an oversized 50mm for a more free-flowing system. These fittings are over 3x the internal size of the 32mm.


Heat-reflective silver 50mm pipe is used vs the Black Series green 32mm.

Ball valves and heavy-duty inline filters are included with the Silver Series.


The pots and lids are also produced from heat-reflective silver polymer. This helps keep nutrient solution temperatures cooler and relieves the water chiller from working as hard.

The PRO Silver Series incorporate JET-STREAM A.I.R™ (Air Injection Rings). Air pump and airline sizes are increased to supply the Rings with a strong pressure to achieve maximum oxygen saturation.

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