Adjust A Wings Hellion 315w CMH Lighting Fixture

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deal for smaller grow tents and grow spaces. The SE-CMH
lighting kit comes with a Small Defender reflector, Super
Spreader and specialist low frequency square wave
e-ballast. It can easily cover a 0.75M x 1.0M canopy to
power strong, fast vegetative growth.
Specially calibrated low-frequency square wave
electronic ballast is dimmable and has 0 – 10V controller
ports (compatible with Gavita controller etc.)
• Small DEfender Adjust-A-Wings, Reflector
• Adjust-A-Wings Dimmable Low Frequency Square
Wave Electronic Ballast
• Adjust-A-Wings 315W SE-CMH Lamp
• Super Spreader
• Reflector Connector
• Short and long cords for on-board and remote
placement of e-ballast.