Botanicare Hydroguard

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Botanicare Hydroguard contains Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens, a unique beneficial bacterium selected specifically for its superior ability to enhance the symbiotic relationship between the roots and their surrounding medium. These specialised rhizobacteria assist in the breakdown of organic materials and increase nutrient availability.

During the plants most intense growth phases (i.e. transplant, transition, and heavy flowering) the demand for certain nutrients and essential trace elements increase and change frequently. To reach their full potential, plants require highly available forms of nutrition made available through microbial mechanisms. Although plants generate some of these microbes on their own, supplementing with Hydroguard significantly increases and accelerates these mechanisms.

Tip: Use Hydroguard as a foliar application early in a plants life cycle to produce a similar effect on leaf tissue.

Guaranteed Analysis: CBacillus amyloliquefaciens 0.038% contains a minimum of 1.00×10^4 cfu’s / ml

  • Sturdy stems and thick, robust leaves
  • Assists your plant during transition and budding
  • Seamless transitions between plant growth phases
  • Helps plants succeed in accelerated growing environments
  • Improves respiration and photosynthesis functions
  • Enhances flavours and aromas
  • Develops hardy plants with compact internodes
  • Will not clog systems


Use with every watering during your entire growth cycle. Shake well before each use and never mix concentrates. Always allow nutrient solutions to mix well before adjusting pH. Use 2ml per gallon.