C-Result Nutrient Intake Enhancer

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Enhance Nutrient Intake with C-Result for All Grow Systems and Media

C-RESULT ™ ensures that the plant absorbs 80-90% of all fertilizers during the flowering phase. Without C-RESULT ™ this is 55-65%. This increased intake provides a larger and qualitative yield (at least 20%).

C-RESULT ™ brings all fertilizers to the roots through a patented formula. Your plant will now go through the flowering phase without any problems and will not be short of anything.

C-RESULT ™ only needs to be given once in the beginning of the fruit or flower formation (week 1 - week 2 flowering).

C-RESULT ™ is 100% organic and 100% natural.
C-RESULT ™ is free of chemicals.

Directions for use:

  • Ratio: 1 liter C-RESULT ™ for 200 liters of water
  • Fill your water container with tap water
  • Let your water container rest unprotected for 1 hour. WARNING: Do not skip this step!
  • Add your fertilizer to your water container and mix it
  • Add C-RESULT ™ to your water container and mix it
  • Acid your water container
  • Ready! Give the water from your water container to your plants

C-RESULT ™ is suitable for all substrates and water systems.

C-RESULT ™ can be combined with all brands of liquid fertilizers. Store C-RESULT ™ at room temperature in a dark place.