Sensi Bloom A&B 5L

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At last a calcium supplementation formula tested on fast growing, short-cycle plants designed specifically for the critical bloom phase. After years of testing, the scientists at Advanced Nutrients have made an unparalleled calcium supplement. This easy to use formula is engineered to provide the right amounts of calcium and other crucial elements, such as magnesium, that plants need during bloom phase. You know from experience that strong, sturdy plants produce the highest yields. Make it the rule, rather than the exception by adding essential calcium to your nutrient regime. Both Sensi Cal Grow and Sensi Cal Bloom can be used with soil or hydroponics.

Used during the:

Complete Bloom stage

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom Parts A & B – 4L of each
pH Perfect – No manual pH adjustment needed
Includes surfactant, fulvic & humic acid and amino acids
Optimised for healthier plants with abundant harvests
Use up to 4ml per liter during weeks 1 – 6 of the flowering stage

Hydroponics r us always recommend you check your nutrient solution with an E.C pen.