Cyco Ryzofuel

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Cyco Ryzofuel was developed in Australia and is their leading root stimulant. This product works great on both plants and seedlings and can be used indoors and outdoors. The goal of Ryzofuel is to rapidly accelerate new root growth to get your plants started off on the right foot. Simply add this product to any fertilizer program that you already have implemented and watch the results. You will see greener and more vigorous plant growth, more flower sites with advanced growth, and an increase in flowers, fruits, and overall biomass.

You can also use this product in a foliar spray to help suffering plants, newly transplanted plants or any other plants may benefit from the effects of Ryzofuel.


Contains pure kelp, an ingredient for plant stimulation
High in natrual hormones
Enables explosive root growth throughout the cycle
Encourages growth and closer internodal spacing
Enzymatically processed, and maintains 50+ trace minerals