Faran HR-50 Humidifier with Humidistat

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Giving you complete control over temperature and humidity in your grow room is the Faran Humidifiers with analogue Humidistat controller. The Humidistat controller allows you to set your desired humidity level with ease. Faran HR Humidifier units are very reliable and low cost effective to run, using modern centrifugal humidification as opposed to the more unreliable ultrasonic methods of humidification consuming only 90 watts of power.

Faran Humidifiers with Analogue Humidistat features:

  • Improvement of play health, growth and development
  • Precise environment control over humidity
  • Increase in the weight and quality of your yields
  • Easily to connect to any water tap or water tank
  • HR-50 rooms up to 300m²
  • Delivers up to 4.5L per hour
  • Solid and durable with easy to carry handle
  • Use reverse osmosis water for best resultFDP