Gavita LED E Series Adapter

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The Gavita E-Series LED Adapter is solely created for use with the Gavita 1700e LED Grow Light Fixture - to provide dimming options when using an EL Master Controller.

The LED Adapter is IP66 rated enclosed in a solid in a metal case and runs inline alongside the power cord to the LED Grow Light. Once setup you will have dimming options the and all the other benefits of EL Controller functions such as sunrise / sunset mode, centralised control, auto-shutdown and auto-dimming.

Gavita LED E Series Adapter benefits:

  • Automated Dimming of LED Modules
  • Solid Aluminium Housing
  • 2 x RJ45 sockets for daisy chaining
  • Fully compatible with EL series controllers
  • Environment & Energy Saving
  • 3 Year Warranty