Gavita Hortistar 1000w Reflector 750/1000 DE EU

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Double ended lamps have their connections at each side of the lamp (hence double ended), removing the need for a frame support wire inside of the lamp.
Double ended lamp The absence of a frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam. Instead of vacuum the double ended lamps are gas filled which allows for a smaller arc tube, improving the optical control. The Gavita HortiStar 1000 DE reflector is specifically designed for this type of lamp.
The Gavita HortiStar 1000 DE comes with a replaceable high efficiency Vega aluminum reflector. As an alternative, inlay reflectors are available. It is specifically designed for 750W and 1000 W double ended lamps. The lamp cord terminal is shielded by a metal housing. Installation is very easy with the two eye bolts.
Features & Benefits
Designed specifically for double ended 750W & 1000W lamps
High quality Vega aluminum HortiStar HR 96 reflector
96% reflector efficiency
Professional and compact design
Replaceable reflector
Inlay reflector available
Durable and safe
Eyebolts enable easy installation
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Inner box dimensions: 20.1” (length) x 9.6” (width) x 7.6” (height)
Reflector Material: Gavita HortiStar HR 96 1000 Vega aluminum reflector
Lamp holder: Vossloh Schwabe k12 x 30s
Cable gland: M2