GHC Progrow Multifan Controller 5.4 amp

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GHC ProGrow Multi-Fan Controller - Control EC and AC Fans (at the same time)

The most versatile fan controller on the market, the GHC/Progrow Multi-fan controller runs virtually any fan available with no worries.

The Multi-fan controller gives growers full control over what type of fan they control on intake and extract (e.g. Hyperfan/Box fan etc.), has a fan balancer built in, can control day & night temperatures and can adjust day and night humidity levels.

EC fans (such as Hyperfan) are becoming more and more popular due to their obvious benefits over old-style motor design. The problem traditionally has been finding a suitable, reasonably priced twin controller to provide independent control of the intake and extraction fans. As customers will generally upgrade their extraction fan first and continue to use their old fan for incoming air, it was also important to cater for this common situation.

Easy to program and easy to use, the GHC/Progrow Multi-fan controller is the all in one solution we’ve all been waiting for.

GHC ProGrow Multi-Fan Controller Product Features:

• AC/EC – Controls AC and EC fans in any combination

• Day/night Sensor - with the ability to set temperature and humidity for both periods.

• Humidity Assist - will ramp fans up or down by 20% until the set humidity is achieved, at which point they revert to the programmed setting.

• Cool Down Period - 1 hour cool down period between lights on and lights off to provide a more natural transition between day and night

• Sensor Failsafe’s - to ensure controller will continue to operate in the event of a sensor malfunction

• Built-in Fan Balancer - to precisely adjust negative/positive pressure

• Min Fan Speed - enables you to set the minimum fan speed

• Fan Curves - 2 selectable fan adjustment curves to offer maximum control

• LCD Display - with real-time data output including temperature, humidity and fan power with a toggle for max/min readings

• Indicators Off - Setting to turn off all lights and LED indicators on the unit

All controlled by one button!