Green Qube GQ240

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Green Qube Grow Tent GQ240 240cm x 240cm x 200cm (Available in 220cm Height)

Green-Qube grow tents provide cutting edge, innovative design that is easy-to-assemble, strong and durable. These tents were designed and built to last. If you see a Green-Qube grow tent can instantly see the difference between it and the other tents on the market. A Green-Qube grow tent has some of the thickest poles on the market and they are the only grow tent out there that has super-tough military waterproof zips.

Probably one of the best made and well thought out grow tents we have seen in years!

Together with the exclusive uplift bar for gravity-fed hydroponic water systems such as AutoPots and IWS, viewing windows, double over sized socks to fit all ducting, double stitched trim, diamond cut superior Mylar fabric and outside passive vents, the Green-Qube really can give you everything that you need from a grow tent – at a price that is affordable. The Green-Qube prides itself in offering high quality but most importantly at affordable prices.

With a hanging weight of 100kg, Green-Qube grow tents have thestrongest poles on the market -FACT! Steel, measuring 25mm and powder coated in our trademark green, they provide the ultimate strength and durability.

For those of you who have gravity fed hydroponic water systems within your grow tents, then the Green-Qube is the tent that answers your prays. Exclusive to Green-Qube, our tents come with a clever uplift bar for neat and simple watering.

Made from diamond cut Mylar, the Green-Qube’s outer shell is tough as well as ultra reflective. This superior fabric has been engineered to havehigh tensile strength, offer extreme chemical and dimensional stability, and provide enhanced insulation.

Green-Qube grow tents (apart from GQ60) now all have viewing windowsso you can check your plants as often as you want without risking anyenvironmental change. Protect your plants and give them the best chance for growth perfection!

Green-Qube grow tents havewaterproof heavy duty miltary-style zips on all openings for fast & easy access. All of these are 10 gauge zipsfor durability and have extra thick thread stitching for endurance. Includes a tough metal pull tab.

For ease of access and neat growing, Green-Qube’s new strong plastic door hooks mean that you can neatly hook the doors out of your way when entering your tent – which means no more tripping! These can be found on every front and rear access door

Probably one of the best made and well thought out grow tents Hull Hydroponics have seen in years!