Hydro Burst

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HydroBurst is designed specifically for plants grown in pots or containers of soil, coco, and other solid media, to solve a problem that many growers are unaware of, namely the uneven wetting of all these horticultural media. Small dry areas in the pot can rapidly become resistant to wetting and remain dry even when the container is re-watered.

Water applied from above whether by drippers or by hand will always seek the easiest and most well-travelled route downwards. Water is attracted to areas of moisture and will not travel sideways into the dry soil areas very easily. This effect can dramatically reduce the volume of soil and nutrients that are available to the roots. Combating this will have a positive effect on growth rates and on crop performance.
 HydroBurst is formulated to overcome the problems associated with surface tension in dry soils

Formulated to give excellent initial wetting of horticultural soils,peat, coco and soil-less blends
Designed to improve delivery of plant nutrients
Delivers enhanced lateral movement of water in soil and coco
Prevents soils from drying out