Lumatek Ultimate Pro Kit 600w 400v

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400v Lumatek Ultimate Professional 600w Ballast & Bulb

Introducing the amazing new 400v Professional Digital Lighting Ballast from Lumatek. Do not be fooled by their appearance - the new 400v range from may look the same as other Lumatek ballasts - but runs at a much higher frequency.

These awesome, professional quality 400 volt ballasts boast an even more powerful lumen output than that of standard Lumatek digital ballasts. They actually run at a whopping 400v - despite still plugging straight into your standard 240 volt mains socket.

This increased output means Pro 400v ballasts provide at least 15% more Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR) than a standard Lumatek Digital Ballast and around 50% more than conventional magnetic ballasts. 

This equates directly to higher yields & faster-growing, healthier plants. Without massive increases to your power consumptio