Mighty Wash 1L

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Mighty Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your spider mite problem in all stages of development from eggs to adults. Mighty Wash is a ready-to-use proprietary formula. It may be used throughout the grow and flower cycle up to and including the day of harvest. Mighty Wash is truly "The cleanest solution to your spider mite problem."

Can be used right up to the Day of Harvest. No worries on contaminating the plants! Mighty Wash Frequency Water kills adults as well as eggs where as other products will only prevent Adults from Reproducing and won;t kill eggs as well.

Directions for Use: Spray on fruits, vegetables, foliage and flowers. Mighty may be used on indoor, outdoor and greenhouse plants. Pour mighty wash directly into spray bottle or atomiser (do not dilute). Saturate top and bottom of leaves (entire plant) in order to achieve best results. If necessary spray every 3-5 days or until problem has stopped.

Note: only one application may be necessary. Don’t spray in direct sunlight (i.e. spray with lights off). It is effective throughout the grow and flower cycle. Do not apply in temperatures above 90 Fahrenheit or below 35 Fahrenheit. Only use as directed.