Powerplant ALB Cord Set (IEC Socket)

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The PowerPlant ALB Cord Set is designed to position the bulb in the centre of your reflector for optimum performance and fits all PowerPlant's world beating reflectors making them fully adjustable. It has a plate on the side with a fixing bracket that slides that allows the lamp to be moved up and down and in and out.

This adjustability allows you to find the exact sweet spot in the middle of the reflector which is where the arc tube alignment offers maximum light reflectance. It is supplied with 4m of heavy duty 1.5mm core cable suitable for lamps up to 1000w.

We recommend that when setting up your reflector and lamp bracket that you use a light meter to observe the difference that adjusting your lamp and shade can make. This will maximise the efficiency of your reflector and lamp. The PowerPlant ALB Cord Set is height adjustable for optimum lamp positioning within the reflector.