Rhino Silent Day / Night Climate Controller 2A

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Rhino Silent DAY + Night Controller - 5 Speed 2 Amp

This controller adjusts fans to run at different speed during lights on and lights off periods and off course runs them silently, something a lot of controlers on the market do not do,

Thats not all through it powers an oscillatiing fan when the lights are on and a heater when the lights are off.

Silently controls both intake and exhaust fans, allowing negtive pressure to be perfectly maintained.
available in 2amp and 8 amp

Heavy duty
suitable for 2 x fans
metal casing
built in hanging bracket
made in the uk

New From the Famous Rhino Brand, the all New range of fan speed controllers for 2016
Rhino have made a huge name for them selves in the filter market, and recent with there range of rhino extractor fans and now they released a new range of heavy duty controllers by popular request.