SANlight Q6W Fixture GEN2

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SanLight Q6W 245w Gen 2 LED Grow Light Product Details:

Sanlight are a company with in depth knowledge of semiconductor and photonics technology the latest SanLight Q6W 245w Generation 2 LED Grow Light are built using the newest Osram 2mm2 Chip technology to provide an optimised broadband light spectrum which will run at after 90% after 100,000 hours! 

The Generation 2 SanLight Q6W 245w LED Grow Light is ready to dim, meaning light intensity can be controlled to meet plant development stage using M-Dim Dimmer Module or a BlueTooth Dimmer, this will give you numerous features such as sunrise simulation and other dimming functions. SanLight know that growing conditions can and will change over time and you may require more light - SanLight Gen 2's LED Lights are Ready to Boost giving you an extra 10% more light output, this can only be done by SanLight Authorised Dealer. 

Fully up-gradable  by SanLight Authorised Dealer,  so individual light modules are available individually making them a cost effective future ready investment. Each SanLight LED Module features an aluminium heat sink which passively cools the Osram special diodes even in high ambient temperatures, bringing you further savings on your extraction costs - due to there been less heat generated. 

Utilising secondary optics SanLight have ensured that 95% of LED chip photons go directly to your plant surface and isn't wasted on grow space walls. The secondary optics also add extra protection to the LED units and they can be wiped off easily to maintain maximum light output. Providing a full spectrum perfect for all growth periods - vegetation and flowering, allowing you to produce large yields using a fraction of the power compared to high pressure sodium lighting fixtures. 

The Generation 2 SanLight LED Grow Lights can be daisy chained together allowing you to connect multiple units using the SanLight Extension Cable, SanLight Power Cable and SanLight H Connector components. Each Sanlight H Connector will allow the connection of 2 SanLight Fixtures via Sanlight Extension Cables which can then be powered from one Sanlight 2m Power Cable.

SanLight Generation 2 Q6W 245w LED Grow Light specification:

  • Light coverage area : 100 x 100 cm = 1 units
  • Osram 2mm2 Chip Technology
  • Ready-To-Boost / Ready-To-Dimm
  • Daisy-chain multiple fixtures
  • Broadband, continuous light spectrum
  • PPF : 624 in a range of emission wavelengths
  • Rectangular & homogeneous illumination 
  • Beam angle 90
  • Power Consumption: 245W
  • Power Factor> 0.95
  • Module efficiency 2.7μmol / J
  • 3 year guarantee

SanLight Generation 2 Q6W 245w LED Grow Light benefits:

  • Increase in yield and quality
  • Plants consume less water
  • Suitable for both vegetation and flowering periods
  • Less heat generated and silent operation
  • More usable cultivation area
  • Saving on power consumption