Secret Jardin L90 Lodge 90 Rev 2.6

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  • Two separate growing chambers
  • New Accessories (CableIT, HookIT, StrapIT white)
  • Highly reflective thicker mylar coating
  • 2x 75mm socks for cables.
  • 1x 150mm socks for intake ventilation.
  • 2x 150mm socks for extraction ventilation.
  • 3x Doors/viewing windows.
  • 1x Shelf
  • Heavy duty poles
  • Increased light proofing through taped seams
  • Improved zips
  • Over engineered heavy duty corner pieces
  • Secret Jardin Mylar logo signifying a genuine product
  • Heavy duty hanging points


SECRET JARDIN LODGE is the latest product from the 2.60 revision and is composed in a way that it can be used for the bloom and growth phases of the plants, as well as for the propagation of cuttings. According to the manufacturer, the recommended lighting for the larger compartment is a 250-watt sodium vapour lamp (with cool tube 1x 400 HPS) and 2x 55 watt CFLs for the smaller compartments.

The practical advantage is, that the compartments are not located above each other, but next to each other, which ensures easy handling and thus the grow box is perfectly suited for smaller spaces. Additionally, the box is lightproof and waterproof.

The installation is now even easier thanks to the revised structural concept.

Technical Details:
- Overall dimensions: 120x90x145 cm (LxWxH)
- Overall dimensions of the left box: 90x90x145 cm (LxWxH)
- Overall dimensions of the right box: 30x90x145 cm (LxWxH)
- Dimensions of the lower area: 60cm height
- Measurements of the upper area: 85cm height
- Outlets: 200mm Ø
- Inlets: 200mm Ø
- Cable opening: 75mm Ø
- Windows: 3 (30x20cm²)
- Load capacity: 30 kg
- Material: 190T silver reflective

Scope of supply:
2x StrapIT pair (enhancement of the tent)
3x HookIT pair (attachment for e.g. filter)
15x CableIT (cable guide clips)