Sunmaster 600w Super HPS Deluxe Bulb

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SunMaster Super HPS Deluxe 600W

The SunMaster Super HPS Deluxe 600W produces 95,000 lumens of light instead of the usual 90,000 produced by standard high pressure sodium lamps, this extra 5,000 lumens is in the red spectrum of light which makes them ideal for giving your plants an extra push during the flowering stage of growth.

SunMaster Super HPS lamps are extremely popular amongst hydroponic growers and see widespread use in both the home and commercial markets. If you want the best out of your flowering plants the SunMaster Super HPS Deluxe 600W is the way to go, these lamps are tailored to the specific spectrum needs of flowering plants which makes them perfect for getting the very best results every time!

Please note: The SunMaster Super HPS Deluxe 600W gives out much more red light than many other lamps, we do not recommend using one for the vegetative/grow phases due to the lack of blue light output.