RVK Sileo 315E2 Fan - 1300m3/HR

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Systemair RVK 12-Inch (315mm) A1 In-line Duct Fan (1300m3/hour)

The Systemair RVK range of In-line Duct Fans are ideal for removing old air or supplying fresh air to your grow-space. Systemair fans are of excellent quality and are amazingly reliable
Systemair – Top In-line duct fan manufacturer
Removes stale air from your grow-space
Can be used to supply fresh air to your grow-space
Can be used with 12-inch (315mm) ducting, carbon filters etc.
12-inch (315mm)) fan - ideal for large size grow-spaces
Powerful – large air-flow for it's size – 1300 m3/hour
Quiet – only 40.4 dB
Maintenance-free and highly reliable