Uvonair 5000 In-Room Ozone Generator

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Breathe easy while the Uvonair Ozone generator 5000 attacks and neutralizes odours at the source!

Uvonair ® eliminates odours caused by grow rooms, tobacco smoke, moulds and mildew. It even tackles the unpleasant odours from plants, pets, cooking and damp basements. How? The Uvonair ® generates Ozone (O3) - one of the most powerful oxidizers available.

O3 doesn't just mask odours like mere air fresheners - it neutralizes odors at the source, then harmlessly converts to CO2 and oxygen.

The Uvonair ® works silently with the same ozone generating technology available in units costing hundreds of pounds more.

The Uvonair ® is ideal for hydroponics, homes, offices, workplaces ... anywhere that can benefit from purer, cleaner air.

Available in three sizes:

1.) Uvonair® 1000
For personal spaces and rooms up to 1000 cubic ft.
2.) Uvonair® 3000
For rooms up to 3000 cubic feet.
3.) Uvonair® 5000
For rooms up to 5000 cubic feet