NFT GT205 Complete System with Correx Cover

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Famed the world over for their easy of use, small size & huge results the GT205 NFT kit is the ideal complete hydroponics starter system for hobbyists and novices alike.

  • 69.5cm x 38.5cm x 18.5cm
  • 20L tank, top tray & correx cover
  • MC320 Oxy Pump
  • Delivery Tube
  • PH Test Kit
  • 25 Foot Spreader Mat
length  700mm
Width 400mm 
Height 200mm
Volume     20 Litres
Weight 4.63kg
  • Low maintenance 
  • Excellent delivery and even distribution of nutrient 
  • Easy access to pump and nutrients 
  • Large volume of nutrient solution to plant capacity 
  • Absence of root disease, typical in soil grown plants 
  • Unlimited supply of oxygen 
  • Low level system to maximise headroom 
  • Suitable to use Grodan rock wool