Root Pouch Grey Fabric Pots

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Root Pouches are very cost-effective way to gain all the benefits of air pruning. Instead of roots circling around the edge of a pot, the roots stop growing when they hit the side of the breathable cloth pot. This encourages new roots to be sent out which fill all the soil between the plant and the fabric pot. This creates a much larger root system – and a bigger root-system means bigger yields!

  • Eliminates root circling
  • Air-prunes roots for a dense and fibrous root system
  • Provides plenty of aeration which oxygenates the root systems
  • Improves drainage
  • Healthier roots mean more productive plants and bigger yields
  • Highly economical for those running larger numbers of plants
  • The genuine article, uses thicker fabric that won't rip unlike cheaper alternatives
  • Can be re-used – will last for years
  • Creates a thick, radial root mass
  • Environmentally friendly – made from recycled materials
  • Can be folded flat, making them very easy to transport and store


Root Pouch (1-78 Litre) in your chosen size

External Dimensions
1 litre Root Pouch - 10cm x 13cm
2 litre Root Pouch - 13cm x 15cm
3.8 litre Root Pouch - 14cm x 18.5cm
8 litre Root Pouch - 21cm x 22cm
12 litre Root Pouch - 23cm x 21cm
16 litre Root Pouch - 26cm x 26cm
22 litre Root Pouch - 30cm x 29cm
30 litre Root Pouch - 33cm x 30cm
39 litre Root Pouch - 38cm x 28cm
56 litre Root Pouch - 42cm x 37cm