Lumatek 600w 400V Lighting Kits

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Complete lighting system consisting of a 400V 600 watt Lumatek Ultimate Digital ballast, 400V 600W Lumatek lamp and a choice of reflector.

Reflectors available -

Standard Euro Reflector

Adjust a Wings Medium Enforcer

6" Air Cooled Gold Star

The Lumatek Ultimate Pro 400V and 240V 600 Watt Digital Ballasts retain all the great benefits of the standard Lumatek digital range such as low energy consumption, super lumens to raise your lamp output and dimmable options to vary the light output but they are also one of only a few ballasts designed to run professional level 400V horticultural grow lamps

The 600w Lumatek Ultimate Pro is for use with professional 400V horticultural lamps but will also run standard 240V lamps.