Alien Rain 12 Pot 15L Silver Pro System

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Alien RAIN 12 Pot 15L Silver Pro Series Product Details:

The next generation Alien RAIN System actually replicates the rain as it feeds your plants - showering down your nutrient solution, in to your media or the system can be ran run to waste or re-circulating system. The delivery of nutrients and air flushes away any used up nutrients salts – keeping salt build ups at bay. The Alien RAIN System has cleverly designed lids which keep light out from your medium – preventing any algae issues.

The sturdy Heat-Reflective silver polymer pots are built to last complete with drainage bases and copper drain covers for each one - which will stop roots from growing into pipework. Complete with 280L Camo Tank to provide nutrients on a timely basis via the RAIN™ Brain.

Alien RAIN 12 Pot 15L Silver Pro Series will optimise your maximum growth potential, using the RAIN™ Brain', RAIN™ pump and SPX-Flow® pump feed to your plants like the rain providing - oxygenated nutrient solution direct to your medium, increasing nutrient uptake and optimising root health. With quicker root development the plant vegetative time can be reduced and a bumper harvest will still be reaped!

The many benefits of using the Alien RAIN Silver Pro Series include :

  • Mimics rain each feed
  • Made from Heat-Reflective silver polymer
  • Equal delivery of nutrient to plant surface
  • Eliminates top surface algae
  • Allows medium to dry evenly
  • Flushes away residual salts
  • Supports any growing medium
  • Uses nutrients and water efficiently
  • Very quiet in operation

Greater Yield Potential 

  • 15 litre pots for increased root space
  • Higher productivity with fewer plants
  • Increased growth rates

Increased Efficiency 

  • High quality RAIN™ Brain', RAIN™ pump and SPX-Flow® pump
  • Huge volume of nutrient solution means stable pH, EC/TDS and less change outs
  • High levels of oxygen and constant circulation optimize plants nutrient uptake capacity