AutoPot 36 Pot System

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The AutoPot 36-Pot systems are a brilliant choice for those wanting to fill a larger growing area with a low-maintenance but very productive automated system.  These systems are best suited to fill 9-15 square metres of growing space with the upper end of that bracket best suited to the AutoPot XL system.   A 3m X 3m growing area will be filled with the standard 36 pot system.

AutoPot systems are plant driven, gravity-fed systems (meaning no noise from pumps or potential pump failure).  The Aquavalve in each pot-base will fill the tray to 20mm and then close until the tray is completely empty before refilling to 20mm, allowing every plant an essential dry period and be fed on demand regardless of the rest of the plants in the room.  We recommend growers use a good quality coco in this system such as Ecothrive Coco Lite 70/30 (always on around a 40-50mm bed of clay pebbles).  

Each system is supplied with a 400l Flexitank and all of the necessary fittings and pipework to set the system up. 

Plants need to be watered from the top when potting up and should be hand-watered from the top as required for the first 7-10 days.  Once the roots have had a chance to establish within the pot the tap can be turned on. It is good practice to give the 16mm filter a clean every few weeks and avoid putting any organics or viscous additives in the reservoir.