AutoPot XL 100 Pot System

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The 100 pot AutoPot XL package includes the following -

1x 750 ltr FlexiTank or rigid green 750 ltr tank
1x 16mm click-fit tank adaptor & filter
1x 40 metres of 16mm pipe
5x 16mm in-line tap
2x 16mm tee connector
50x 16mm-6mm cross connector
1x 16mm cross connector
100x 1Pot XL trays & lids
100x 25ltr pot
100x AQUAvalve
1x 50 metres of 6mm pipe
100x root control disc

The Autopot System is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant types and sizes. Seasonal flowering plants and perennial shrubs thrive and produce an abundance of blooms and foliage because of the unique action of the AQUAvalve, which is designed to allow the plant to go through a wet & dry cycle.