Bio Green X Force Silicium

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Biogreen X-Force is a highly concentrated silicon booster and plant strengthener, which thickens stems, improves photosynthesis and increases CO2 absorption. The formula protects plants from diseases, helps from heat stress recovery, and increases nutrient uptake. Growers use the product during the vegetative and blooming phases to achieve high harvest yields and top-quality crops.


General Information

  • The additive comprises silicon in a monomer form;
  • It's made for use during the vegetative and blooming phases;
  • It's suitable to use with soil, coco coir, clay pebbles, and Rockwool;
  • The product strengthens plants' cell walls;
  • The formula protects plants from diseases and pests.



  • The product helps from heat stress recovery;
  • The formula increases nutrient uptake;
  • The product is made of pure raw materials;
  • The formula boosts chlorophyll production and synthesis;
  • The product is made at the highest standards of quality.


The Science

The silicon strengthens plants' cell walls and improves the overall integrity of the plant. Use X-Force and you'll strengthen your plants' branches and stems. The additive accelerates plants' development. The highly concentrated formula helps plants efficiently use carbon dioxide to improve the rate of photosynthesis. The product increases plants' energy levels so they can develop huge flowers and fruits for better yields.


How to Use

The Biogreen plant strengthener is made for use with soil, coco coir, clay pebbles, and Rockwool. Use 0.1ml of formula per 1L of water during the rooting phase. During the vegetative phase, use 0.1ml of formula per 1L of water. During the flowering phase, use 0.15ml of product per 1L of water. Shake the product well before use. Add the product to the reservoir before you add the nutrients. Where bacteria are likely to invade your plants, add extra X-Force to create a barrier, and protect your plants.