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Bio Nova - VitaSol – Organic Soil Improver

Vitasol is a liquid soil improver that is 100% organic. Vitrasol establishes a stable and constant plant growth, strong root and fine root hair development, a healthy color and a high natural resistance to diseases and pests.

Best used to re-activate soils periodically (every 2 - weeks) especially in periods of high production and rapid growth or after stagnated growth caused by a deficiency of nutrients.

Vitasol is absorbed by both roots and leaves, which practically rules out burning of the plant. It mixes easily with water and can be added to the plant alongside any nutrient regime.

This product contains lime, potassium, and a great number of trace elements.

Dosage rates are 0.5ml per litre.

Vitasol can also be used to improve taste and add extra sweet taste to fruits - To achieve this use at 0.5 - 1ml per litre during the last week of feed.

Available in 1L and 5 Litre bottles N