Bluelab Guardian Monitor

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor (Conductivity / Temperature / pH)

When growing hydroponically, it's essential to carefully monitor reservoirs to ensure that nutrients of the right strength, temperature and pH are delivered to your plants. The Bluelab Guardian is an all-in-one solution to monitoring every essential parameter. Should levels ever drop below, or rise above, pre-determined values, then the easily programmed visual alarm system kicks into action to alert you to the situation - allowing you to solve minor issues before they become major issues!

Bluelab – raising the industry standard
Provides consistent, highly accurate readings
Unsurpassed build quality
Simple alarm system alerts you to drops / increases in read-outs
Supplied with a two year guarantee
Bold, easily readable LED display
Green display doesn't compromise light cycles
Water resistant main unit
Automatically compensates for temperature differences


The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Contains the following:

1 x Bluelab Guardian main unit, 1 x conductivity / temperature probe, 1 x pH probe, 1 x power supply unit, 4 x screws (for mounting), 3 x sachets of calibration fluid, 2 x cable ties