Bluelab Pulse Meter

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Bluelab pH Meter Product Details:

When it comes to monitoring your grow room - moisture, nutrient and temperature the Blue Lab Pulse Meter sends data to your mobile phone safely and securely with ease via the Pulse App. Compatible with various media including coco, soil, potting mixes and hydroponic solutions - you will soon be able to grow bigger and healthy plants - leading to larger yields at harvest. Monitoring of the grow room area is vital for success access to new information that will take your growing to the next level as you can dial in to your plants growing environment and make adjustments where needed.

How the does Bluelab Pulse Meter work?

The Blue Lab Pulse Meter accurately sends data to the Pulse App securely enabling you to optimise grow room environment for success. Real time information on your grow rooms :- moisture - to ensure plants get the right irrigation and avoid problems associated with too wet or dry growing conditions , check nutrient solution is at the correct conductivity (EC) - allowing you to avoid nutrient burn, salt build ups and underfeeding and your temperature can be effectively managed which will promote healthy plant development.

Bluelab Pulse Meter benefits include:

  • Spot check information within seconds using direct sensing technology
  • 8" (200mm) probe for direct root zone placement
  • Record, analyse and query date via Pulse App
  • Provides information to avoid plant loss and plant disease
  • Wireless Smart phone syncing and backup of all measurements
  • Set targets ranges and receive immediate real-time feedback
  • Power source 1 x AA alkaline battery
  • 1 year guarantee