BudBox Pro 120cm x 120cm x 180cm XLR Loft Tent

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Improving on the original BudBox grow tent design wasn't going to be easy but the BudBox design team have done it and done it well, having listened to customer feedback and using information that was gathered during an exhaustive program of testing and development. The result is the perfect portable indoor growing environment.

Suitable for loft/attic roof areas
25mm steel poles
uplift irrigation bar
double cuffed ventilation & wiring ports
With a floor footprint of 120x120cm and a 45deg pitched roof height of 180cm (at the centre of the pitch) the XL-R will maximise the space potential in those hard to access loft/attic roof areas.
The XLR has super strong 25mm steel poles, push-click connectors, uplift irrigation bar, plant friendly viewing panel, supersized, double cuffed ventilation & wiring ports.