BudBox Pro 120cm x 120cm Grow Tent

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Improving on the original BudBox grow tent design wasn't going to be easy but the BudBox design team have done it and done it well, having listened to customer feedback and using information that was gathered during an exhaustive program of testing and development. The result is the perfect portable indoor growing environment.

Key features:​

Steel framework
Metal, click-lock corners for added strength
Filtered green window
Incredibly easy to fit lightweight, yet tough and durable outer shell
Better air flow through larger ventilation panels ( 20% )
Ideal for 600w HPS grow lights or fluorescents


Robust Framework
Strong as anything out there. Corrision resilient poles and bars.
Upgraded Fabric
The original fabric of a BudBox tent was hard to beat but somehow it's been done, with more durability and lightness.
A Green Viewing Window
A new 14" x 10" window that allows to you to check on your plants without entering and disturbing the setup. With its green filter this window doesn't allow light through to stop it effecting the plants' cycles.
This BudBox Pro grow tent has dimensions 120cm x 120cm x 200cm. Available in silver or white.


Thickness of poles: 25mm
Hanging rails: 3
Corners: metal, click in
Ventilation panels: 2 x (26" x 10")
Viewing window: 1 x 14" x 10"
Irrigation bar and sock: 1 x irrigation bar (2 x irrigation socks)
Intake socks: 1 x 11"
Extraction socks: 1 x 11"
Cable socks: 2 x 4.5"
Cooltube socks: 2 x 9"
Doors: 2 x front doors, completely zippable, 2 x side access doors

Kit Contains:

1 x carry bag
1 x outer shell
8 x upright poles
8 x horizontal bars
8 x corner pieces
3 x hanging rails
6 x plastic hanging rail grips
3 x hanging straps
1 x groundsheet