Can-Fan Satellite 4amp Transformer & Thermostatic Fan Controller

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Can-Fan Satellite 4A is a fan speed controller compatible with Can-Fan ISO-MAX and MAX FAN extractors. It allows you to select 6-speed levels and it is hum and vibration-free.

Transformer based controllers should not be used with fans that already have integrated speed control.

Even when growing indoors, humidity and temperature are also conditioned by the outside weather, as the atmospheric conditions can vary drastically throughout the day. Controlling all these changes by manually adjusting the speed of the exhaust and intake systems is time-consuming for any grower, so the use of a controller can really make their work easier. These controllers are used to regulate ventilation systems, such as extractors and air conditioning units, to maintain the required temperature and moisture levels.

With the first-ever fan speed controller 100% compatible with Iso-Max 1 speed, you can control your one-speed fan, and other fans, without any humming or vibration.

The Satellite uses a 4A 6 step transformer that will control one or two Iso-Max 1 speed, as exhaust air fans, or one for exhaust air and the other for intake air.

The Satellite 4A is also equipped with a jack connection that makes it possible to connect our popular Can-Fan LCD EC fan controller, making its 13 control functions also available for Iso-Max and Max-Fans.