Can Q-MAX Digital EC Fan Controller

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Forget the noise & fuss of running fans…the Q-Max EC Fan Controller’s here.

It’ll control the speed of your Q-Max EC Fans quietly, using hardly any energy, thanks to EC technology. You won’t believe how low running costs are.

You can connect up to 10 fans to a single controller - that’s incredible! Better yet, all connections come with your Q-Max EC fans.

The controller’s easy to install! Simply set your minimum fan speed and target temperature using the two large dials. Everything else is plug & play.

• Specifically for Q-Max EC Fans
• No increments! Variable speed control
• Integrated temperature sensor included
• Low running costs, using hardly any power (thanks to EC technology)
• Noiseless speed control
• Connect up to 10 fans to a single controller
• Easy to set up – everything’s plug & play
• Simple jack plug connectors
• All connections included with your Q-Max EC Fans