Charles Austen ET Air Pumps

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Charles Austen Air Pumps run extremely quietly, despite their raw air moving power and can be connected to many airstones via a manifold. All Charles Austen Air Pumps are high-quality piece of engineering for those who demand the very best air movement.

How the Charles Austen Air Pumps Work

The Charles Austen Air Pump range are pieces of precision-engineered equipment, ideal for oxygenating nutrient reservoirs. Air pumps are typically used in deep water culture systems and WaterFarms / AquaFarms – though every nutrient tank can benefit from oxygenation. These air pumps will drive air at a rate of at least 30 litres per min, rising to 120 litres, through an airline tube and into a series of airstones, which are submerged in water / nutrient solution.