Co2 Boost Bucket Complete Kit

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These all natural CO2 generators are a great alternative to the usual methods of distributing CO2 in your grow space. Unlike other methods of CO2 generation the boost bucket requires nothing but a socket and in some cases a fan to operate. Other methods of CO2 generation are known to be dangerous or cumbersome often requiring heavy tanks or open flame.

The CO2 Boost Bucket has a life span of around 60 days if used continuously, if placed on a timer the bucket can last around three months. The bucket gives off around 1000-2000ppm CO2, however the output is not meant to be read in parts per million, by suspending your hose above your plants the CO2 will be absorbed very quickly and the effect is clearly visible in your plants.

This boost bucket comes with a pump which you insert into the bucket to start releasing carbon dioxide, once the seal is broken the life span of your bucket begins. It is advised that once you have broken the seal you replace your bucket after 90 days as the production rate of CO2 will lessen and eventually stop.

The CO2 Boost Bucket uses a mushroom substrate to produce it's CO2, this compost is completely safe, totally odourless and can even be removed from the bucket after you're finished with it and used to fertilise your garden plants.