Co2 Fusion Foliar Spray

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Get CO² Direct To The Site Of Action

CO² is obviously a vitally important input driving photosynthesis. While it is often assumed that plants get all their carbon from the air, this is not true. At least 10% comes from the soil, dissolved in the soil water as ‘dissolved inorganic carbon’ (DIC). Therefore, hydroponic crops, grown without soil, are lacking in this valuable resource. By spraying CO² Fusion you are getting DIC direct to the site of action in the foliage and maximising the potential of your crop. As a result, plants sprayed with CO² Fusion no longer must rely entirely on passive diffusion of CO² from the air for carbon assimilation.


How CO² Fusion Foliar Spray Works

The DIC (dissolved inorganic carbon) found in CO² Fusion is not just an important component in photosynthesis, it also drives other respiratory and physiological processes. Additionally, DIC also creates the optimal pH for a foliar spray. This ensures that the hormones responsible for controlling the aperture of stomatal pores on the leaf keep the pores fully open and the crop’s transpiration system runs at maximum levels, exchanging both water and CO2.

The dissolved inorganic carbon in CO² Fusion is further enhanced with potent plants extracts that potentiate the action of the carbon in CO² Fusion and stabilise it for application. This includes ‘organic carbon’ in the form of saccharides (mannose, glucose and rhamnose), carbohydrates (mannan, galactan and their derivatives) and amino acids. These forms of organic carbon further drive the assimilation of carbon in the plant and produce a protective micro-colloid protective layer when sprayed over the foliage.