Dutch Pro - Silica Von Liebig

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Dutch Pro Silica Von Liebig is an additive to be used alongside the rest of the Dutch Pro nutrient range. It comprises high quality mono silicic acid that has been highly concentrated and then processed using nano technology. This makes it extremely effective at what it does, as the plant can absorb it as fast as it can use it.
The benefits of Dutch Pro Silica Von Liebig are manyfold and many growers have discovered what additional silica can do for their yields.
Dutch Pro Silica will stress train your plants, meaning they are much better at dealing with stressful situations, should they arise. Not only will the impact be less on the overall grow, but any recovery would happen quicker, getting your plants back on track, where you need them.
Silica also improves the strength of plants, bolstering cell walls and helping generate thicker, stronger stems. It is these stems that will support the heavy yields you want – there’s nothing worse than a plant snapping under the weight of its own fruits. Thicker stems also facilitate faster transport of elements throughout the plant.
Silica Von Liebig will also help roots grow stronger and better able to absorb nutrients. By increasing absorption rates, the plant can grow faster with greater access to the materials it needs to thrive.
Use throughout the whole of the grow and bloom stages at 0.4ml per litre of water.