IWS Brain Bucket Flood & Drain Standard Remote (No Timer)

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IWS DWC & IWS Basic system brain unit with remote

Manufactured to the highest standard and carries the CE Mark of quality.
25 litre control unit and large feeder tank keep the system running, even if you’re not there.
Two quality magnetic float-valves inside the control unit to precisely control the flood and drain
multiple 15 minute durations
IWS DWC & Flood & Drain Basic brain pot can be used as a DEEP WATER CULTURE BRAIN OR FLOOD & DRAIN BRAIN.

DWC use allows the growing sites to be flooded until the user decides to drain them to the reservoir to circulate and equalise PH & EC readings and make any required adjustments to the growing soloution. Flood & Drain use allows the user to set the times of the day to flood the growing sites for as many multiple 15 minute durations as required.

Both ways of using the brain pot uses gravity to send water to the pots and only uses pumps to fill and drain the main 25 litre control bucket which has two quality magnetic float-valves mounted inside to control the power to the pumps in both the tank and the controller bucket.These floats control the flood level in the growing medium precisely to stop any over watering or flooding.