Cropmaster PRO 1000 LED

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Cropmaster PRO 1000 Led

High Bay, High Powered LED for Max Yields.

The best just got better! The new Cropmaster (aka Budmaster) PRO 1000 Led grow light leads the way where others can only follow! If you are looking to replace your existing 600w-1000w HPS fixtures then you will definitely need to be looking at high bay, high power led to do this. Its all about the amount of photons being emitted and although led is more efficient than HPS, in order to get a large enough amount of photons to your plant you need a lot of power. 
"The Cropmaster PRO 1000 beats our previous Budmaster GOD-9 in output, efficacy, coverage, lifespan, quality and price!
The Cropmaster PRO 1000 is an extremely powerful lamp and is designed for serious indoor gardeners or commercial growers in medium-large indoor rooms, well-ventilated medium-large grow tents or suitable glass houses. The intended coverage area in an open room is 1.5m x 1.2m at 2.2m height, however, if you have a well ventilated grow tent you can use the lamp in as small an areas as 1m x 1m x 1.8m.
An even SPD coverage, wider bandwidth multi spectrum and even PPFD density not only gives a growing experience similar to your traditional HPS but has eliminated all possibilities of led bleaching.
Unlike traditional led lamps the Cropmaster PRO has an extremely efficient cooling system that evacuates the heat from the lamp extremely fast giving adequate heat to a grow tent to encourage plant growth and keep the efficiency and lifespan high.

Value for Money

Unlike traditional horticultural light sources quality led should be looked at as a long term investment that will ultimately pay dividends due to the extremely low maintenance costs vs HPS and bulky led lamps. One of our Cropmaster PRO 1000 lamps will pay for itself within two years due to the energy savings and lack of maintenance, no need to ever change bulbs, ballasts or reflectors.   

High Bay Effective and Even PPFD Coverage

We have designed the Cropmaster PRO 1000 range of lamps to effectively and easily replace your professional grade HPS in all factors including PPFD footprints. Many mono mix led lamps can give spotty PPFD footprints with too much PPFD density in some areas, which may be an issue when scaling up to larger installations by increasing the overall amount of lamps needed.
Cropmaster PRO has been expertly engineered to give a wide and even 1.5m x 1.5m (5ft x 5ft) grow tent coverage area / 1.5 x 1.2m (5ft x 4ft) open hanging coverage area that significantly improves upon existing professional grade HPS results for the same area by providing a better spectrum. Yields are increased and maintained as is overall yield quality. We achieve this by using High Power Cree XP LED's with a 120 degree lens angle, combining this with our intelligent design that blocks 0% of the light emitted from the lamp we achieve a better footprint than any of our competitors in a much small form factor.

Designed for Horticultural Environments

Years of experience and engineering knowledge have given rise to the development of the ultimate horticultural lighting range 'Cropmaster LED'. Cropmaster horticultural led lamps are different, very different in that we are the only horticultural lamp company to expertly design lamps specifically for extreme horticultural environments.

Moisture & Particle Control 

Form and function combine to give a lamp that automatically channels and ejects any particulates or moisture. Drip rings and gutters channel unwanted condensation away from the optics.

No Entry

Fan and vent holes on the top of lamps is a common design flaw in horticultural led and ultimately ensures a lower lifespan and nice home for insects, particulates and dust. Typically when your led is switched off insects often make for the warm safe cosy area inside your lamp to make their new home and once inside can be hard to eject. Our intelligent design with no vent holes on the top of our chassis ensuring that there is no ingress from particulates or moisture during light downtime, and our cooling system ensures any particles or insects are automatically shredded and ejected.

Superior Cooling = Maintained Efficacy

Many lamps use basic DC axial fans the same type that are commonly used in desktop PC's etc.  The overall design of these fans (sleeve type) means that they will at some time have ingress from particulates and moisture and then fail. We use a tangential blower that operates from -20C to +60C, it's metal blade and splash proof motor makes it an ideal fit for the extreme environments horticultural lamps operate in. Our fans are built in Germany by EBM-Papst who are legendary in the electronics world for making the best fans and blowers.