Diamond Nectar

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General Hydroponics - Diamond Nectar 1 Litre

Diamond Nectar is a pure, premium grade fulvic acid extracted from the finest leonardite deposit in Mexico. Diamond Nectar improves nutrient uptake and transport around the plant. Diamond Nectar helps to produce healthier plants and bigger crops of higher quality.
General Hydroponics – one of the original hydroponic nutrient companies
GH constantly conducts research and continually improves it’s products
Diamond Nectar – Very pure, premium grade fulvic acid
Improves nutrient uptake
”Piggy-backs” nutrients through the plant to where they are needed
Can be used as a root or foliar feed
Gives faster growth, larger blooms and better quality harvests
Can be used in soil, coco or hydro
Works a treat with GH nutrients and boosters