DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork 50L

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Mills of Amsterdam and DNA have teamed up to bring us this new amazing & innovative grow medium, the DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork.

Manufactured in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork is of a premium quality, the raw ingredients of the coco and organic nutrients are 100% natural, these are then infused with natural cork to give an ultimate growing medium to maximise your plants growth, health and final harvest of your fruits, vegetables or flowers.

But why use cork in a grow medium? Cork is proven to have outstanding aeration, so no need to add perlite or similar, it also helps with rapid development of the root system and we all know how important healthy roots to your plants are, the healthier the root zone, the uptake of useable nutrients will be improved.

The advantages of using DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork:

  • Manufactured using high grade, 100% natural raw ingredients
  • Cork allows rapid root development and high aeration (additional perlite not required)
  • Combined with Mills Organic Nutrients to supply a natural base feed to your plants
  • Ready to use both indoors and outdoors

DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork is also an eco-friendly growth medium as harvesting cork can prolong the life of cork oak trees, for example if left unharvested, they can die within 100 years, but if regularly harvested every 9-12 years, this can triple the lifespan of the tree, allowing them to live for 300+ years.

The cork oak tree forests of Europe are also responsible for absorbing millions of tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) along with generating equal amounts of O2 (oxygen) making them one of the most sustainable and environmentally harvested forests in the world. Using cork actually saves trees as it prolongs their life span while helping to generate the air we breath.

DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork is available in 50 Litre bags.18