Dr Hydro - Fungus Gnat 500ml

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Dr Hydro Fungus Gnat Root Drench is an effective solution to eliminate fungus gnat maggots while keeping your plants safe.

Once applied, it quickly kills the maggots, allowing you to easily catch the adult gnats using sticky traps near the growing media. Although it is highly reactive, it transforms into plant-safe nutrients within a few hours. That's why it is approved for use on organic crops. While it may have a strong odor similar to 'rotting eggs', the smell dissipates rapidly. Just make sure to have proper ventilation when using it in enclosed spaces like greenhouses, polytunnels, or indoors.


  • When mixing and spraying use suitable face masks, eye shields, gloves, coveralls and footwear. FACE MASK MUST BE FITTED WITH A TYPE B FILTER.
  • For best results allow the growing media to dry down for two days before applying.
  • Add 50mL of the concentrate to one litre of tap water. Add to a watering can and drench the surface of the growing media. Apply enough diluted product to saturate the growing media. For complete control apply again 7-10 days later (to kill any eggs laid after the first application).

Safety Data:

  • Do not apply as a foliar spray. Do not store diluted product. Never mix with anything other than tap water.
  • Suitable for use on organic crops; covered by EU Regulations (EC) No 889/2008. Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30°C).