Dutch Pro Leaf Green

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Leaf green gives plants a healthy and vital appearance, and is especially recommended for plants that have noticeable difficulties during their initial/growth development. After application, it will work to turn plants with yellowish discolouring a far more attractive and fresh looking green colour whilst also helpfully improving nutrient uptake to the plants

Dutch Pro Leaf Green can also help cuttings that are becoming deficient and turning a bit yellow, giving them a real boost at the beginning of their lives.

Hydroponics r us recommended use :

Dutch Pro Leaf Green can be used for plants grown in any type of grow-system and in any grow-medium. Dutch Pro Leaf Green is normally used during the cutting and veg stages to help fix nutrient deficiencies during this demanding time. Begin to use as soon as you see yellowing leaves. This product is not intended as a root-feed and should not be added to feed water or hydroponic reservoirs.

Use dutch pro leaf green for

- For a good leaf development
- Improving leaf colour
- Improving uptake of nutrients.