Dynomyco Premium Mycorrhizal

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Dynomyco is available in 2 sizes, for convenient use at home or on your farm. 
Dynomyco contains 900 propagules per gram of Glomus intraradices (A.K.A. Rhizophagus intraradices) and Glomus mosseae (A.K.A. Funneliformis mosseae). 

- Dynomyco mycorrhizal inoculants will protect your plants from environmental stress and allow them to thrive in various growing conditions.

- Dynomyco's beneficial fungi help your plant absorb more nutrients. 

- The fungi latch onto the plant roots and effectively extend them to access nutrients otherwise unavailable to the plant.

- Dynomyco is highly-concentrated, containing large amounts of endomycorrhizal propagules which help your plants realise their full potential in terms of yield and overall plant health.

- Dynomyco is based on thirty years of research by a team of argonomists and plant soil experts.

This high potency ensures effective inoculation and results that you will see!