Eazy Block 3"

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With a focus on organic materials and the principles of air pruning, Eazy Block Transplanting Cubes are the logical next step for users of Eazy Propagation Cubes, helping to create an incredibly dense root structure in an environmentally friendly manner!

  • Produce strong and healthy roots using the characteristics of the Eazy Plug
  • Facilitate the air pruning process to create a highly developed root zone
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of nutrient uptake
  • Extremely versatile product suiting most soil, coco and hydro applications
  • Easy to use and capable of delivering fantastic results
  • Stay hydrated long after water has been drained away
  • Predetermined and buffered pH and EC values
  • Consist of mostly organic materials that are 100% compostable
  • Supplied in a dry form for clean and lightweight transport and storage
  • Part of a full range that includes Propagation Cubes and Flood & Drain System.