Ecotechnics Unis Co2 Combo Kit

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Ecotechnics UNIS CO2 Controller and Regulator Combo

If you’ve mastered the art of indoor gardening and want to take your grow to the next level, then CO2 supplementation is for you. The Ecotechnics UNIS Regulator fits onto a CO2 cylinder, and its accompanying UNIS Controller can then be set to tell the Regulator to administer doses based on the size of your growing area. The Regulator can also be used in an array of different combinations with the Ecotechnics Evolution Controller and the Ecotechnics Analyser for the ultimate CO2 supplementation solution!
Automatically doses with CO2 according to room size
17 litres per second output
16 room size settings, from 1 - 100 cubic metres
Very low maintenance
Extremely reliable
Pressure gauge to inform you when your cylinder is low
The Ecotechnics UNIS CO2 Controller and Regulator Contain:

1 x Ecotechnics UNIS Regulator, 1 x Ecotechnics UNIS Controller, 1 x instruction manual
Required, but not supplied:
CO2 cylinder