Electric Portable Mist Sprayer 1.8L JP-S20

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  • The core of this fogger sprayer disinfection machine is a specially designed anion generator that continuously produces a high concentration of anions which are negatively charged, it can neutralise positively charged particles and microbe in the air. So that causes the microbe and particles lost its charged & increased its weight to settle with the ground after neutralisation, combined with the disinfectant solution, the battery sprayer can disinfection effectively
  • [Advanced Technology] The Battery Powered Sprayer comes with a 129W motor, negative ion generator built inside, 60.8oz /1.8L water bottle, 2200mAh 20V rechargeable lithium battery; spray distance can reach 10ft/3m; 3hours Charging time, 30min work time.
  • [Spray Freely] Compared with the wired electric ULV sprayer, this cordless sprayer gets rid of the shackles of the wire. Now, you can quickly spray the disinfectant to any area you want to go. Its weight is only 2Ib/0.95kg, which is lighter, more portable, handheld design, will not feel tired after long-term use; During operation, the sound is only 90dB, Very Quiet