Faran Digital HR-DHTC Hygrostat for HR-15 & HR-50

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The Faran Humidistat HR-DHTC is a digital humidity monitor which dynamically adjusts your environment to keep your humidity levels perfect.


The HR-DHTC (digital humidity and temperature control) is a fantastic environmental controller and is ideal for maintaining a beneficial climate for your plants. Precise environmental control is the key to success when growing indoors and using hydroponics and the HR-DHTC takes much of the micromanagement out of humidity control to make it easier for you to focus on other things.

There is a close relationship between the temperature of your grow area and the humidity of your grow area. The higher your temperature the higher your humidity can be, as the air heats up its capacity for retaining water molecules increases meaning your relative humidity goes up. The Faran HR-DHTC not only monitors your humidity and temperature but it controls and adjusts it too; you can plug your humidistat and a cooling/heating appliance up to 2kw into this humidistat. If you wish to use an appliance rated over 2kW then you will need to use a relay.
Humidity is one of the most important environmental parameters to control, we're sure you've heard that your environment is the most important part of any grow and it's true. Managing your ENVIROMENT(and your humidity in particular) precisely can lead to stronger, bigger, better yielding plants! If you truly want to see what your plants are capable of then use the Faran HR-DHTC in conjunction with one of our top of the line humidifiers such as the hr-15 or hr-50 and see what humidity control can do for your plants.

Please note: This Faran Humidistat HR-DHTC should be plugged into a surge protector.